CelebrateOnce deadlines have been met and results achieved – all that is left is to CELEBRATE! Anything that requires time and effort to get through or finish is worthy of a party! Drudging through all the distractions, staying focused and finally achieving your goal is definitely a cause for celebration to help publically acknowledge your success!

Celebrations can take place anytime and are not restricted to commemorating only victories over deadlines. Reaching a milestone, rewarding service related achievement (employee of the month, long-term service recognition), marking major transitions (people join or leave your team), basically ANYTIME is a good time! They help to boost morale, build up the team, and also improve employee engagement. Celebration shouldn’t be a one-time event – look for opportunities to rejoice daily for the small triumphs along the journey.

Without a doubt there are a number of key ingredients essential for making your celebration event memorable. Planning and executing parties does require a great deal of organization. Short of hiring an event planner to deal with all the details, there are three elements that are must haves to help make your event exciting. The elements are: people, place and palate.

PEOPLE – you need to have people. The joy of success tastes much sweeter when shared with others. Even before your deadline approaches, as you are nearing the finish line, start to get your invite list ready. Make sure to invite everyone that had a part to play in achieving the success. Regardless of whether you send invitations out formally (mailed/electronic invite) or informally (word of mouth), make sure to be thorough with compiling your list. Nothing gets a party derailed and off on the wrong foot, before it actually happens than a guest list gone awry. It is best to be inclusive!

Once your guest list is sorted you now are armed with a total head count and can start to scout out an appropriate PLACE to hold the celebration. The choices are endless and can be overwhelming. Other than the sheer availability of the venue and its capacity to comfortably accommodate your head count, here some points to keep in mind to help with coming up with the perfect place:

  • The venue atmosphere needs to be appropriate to the nature of the event that is being celebrated. Pick a place that is meaningful and ties in with the celebration theme. An Irish pub – may be a great location to celebrate with project success with your project team but not so great a place to celebrating a child’s milestone! Unique, distinctive venues help to make the celebration more memorable.
  • Have your budget sorted out as this may limit the choices of venues in the first place. Make sure to get clarity from the venue upfront regarding ALL the costs associated with hosting your celebration event (e.g. room set up, equipment, food, décor, service charges, parking, etc)

PALATE – is the final component related to a memorable celebration event. After all, there is no party if there are no treats (food). If you want to test this out, next time have party and don’t provide any food and see how quickly the group disperses. Partygoers always enjoy and appreciate FOOD! The gathering together and celebrating by sharing food is an old and long standing tradition. Sharing a meal is the oldest ritual of mankind and central part of sharing our human story.

Lastly – don’t forget the cake and take lots of photos. The main thing to remember is that celebrations are about creating memories that sustain us during those times when the workload piles up and we feel burdened by the looming deadlines. Through the shared memories of celebrating communal victories, relationships are strengthened and the functioning of the team (community or family unit) improves. For celebrating personal victories you may choose to avoid the fan fare of a big celebration and wish to celebrate in private. By all means schedule some alone time and treat yourself to a well-deserved indulgence. Whether that is a spa day, a nature walk hiking break, an exotic getaway or simply quiet time alone with a good book – pick what is meaningful to you!

“Celebrate what you want to see more of” Tom Peters

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