The enemy of momentum is distraction – it can stop you dead in your tracks and derail your progress! When you are stuck in the landscape of distraction not only do you loose momentum but the diversion also causes you to loose sight of what it was you were hoping to get to in the first place. Before you know it you start to become discouraged and it becomes harder to get back on tack. When our momentum becomes interrupted, the more absent-minded and less attentive we become to moving forward.

Sometimes the distraction hits and takes over like a cross current – it becomes too hard to fight it and we just bob along and let ourselves get carried away.

But then again, the thing that prevents you from giving your full attention to something else (this is the definition of distraction) can in fact be a good thing. It allows you the space to recharge and re-evaluate. Sometimes the distraction provides a break from an overwhelming pace or avoiding an overpowering emotion. If you are operating at lightening speed and you find yourself getting distracted, stop and reflect on why you were you distracted in the first place and then make any changes required! Did you loose focus because deep down you lost interest? Distraction has the power to reveal your true intentions or desires. Or – are you using distraction as a break or an act of avoidance and allowing yourself to get caught up in the meaninglessness that keeps you from what really matters?

Some questions to ask yourself in the midst of being distracted:

  • Is the distraction you find yourself emerged in draining or energizing?
  • How is the distraction serving your greater good?
  • Will the distraction generate a positive or negative outcome?

If what you find yourself side tracked with is draining you then it is nothing more than a bandit – stealing your precious energy and time. It is diffusing your attention from the task at hand or it may be a cue for you to pay attention, forcing you to slow down and reconnect with yourself. In slowing down you are better equipped to heed the warning signs steering you towards your right path and what truly is important. The distraction can be intuition gently tapping you on the shoulder whispering to you to listen, look and embrace it in full awareness.

If you look long and hard enough you will see that there is a gift of clarity hidden behind the distraction. It allows you the space and time to focus, reset and get back on track. or just keep going, hook into the distraction, get lost in it and don’t come back.

Here are two poems on the subject for you to get distracted with! Enjoy.





Loosing focus

On the now

Side tracked

From awareness

Drawn into the diversion

Interrupting the flow

Lost in the hustle


Take a moment

Take stock

Assess if indeed there is a need

To realign and recalibrate

Finding your way back to the

Intended path

Or maybe just embrace the diversion

Stay lost

In the new found freedom

That can also come

With distraction


Distraction – a Haiku

Get on track today

Shut out all the distraction

Focus here and now


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