FocusYou tackled your distractions, cleared them to the curb and NOW you are ready. Ready to start again with a renewed sense of focus, putting your attention to what matters. When you focus things become clear. Distractions disappear and our attention becomes centred and concentrated on the task at hand.

Once we focus we unleash the creative energy within us, connecting to the task at hand. Focusing is not about keeping up with your to do list. It is about turning up the internal volume and shutting out the external distractions, tuning into your internal voice and energy to turn on your inner creativity.

As soon as we are truly in focus we begin to embrace the task at hand. We throw all of ourselves, not just our attention into the task! We gain clarity about what we need to do and time stands still as we loose track of it and get lost in the task at hand.

To get started, stop procrastinating, pick a time and place to start. Make sure the place you pick is a comfortable space because you need the right environment to help you to focus. For some of us that is a quiet place, uncluttered, as clutter distracts and sucks up creativity. For others it might be a loud bubbling coffee shop – music blaring, machines whirling. Whether you prefer to be alone in a quiet room or surrounded by noise depends on what turns on your creativity. However, it is important to eliminate interruptions, as the prolific writer Stephen King once said, “Music – is another way to shut the door”.

Here are a few more tactics to help you find your creativity and focus:

  • Turn off your phone and email and just get underway. Don’t waste time avoiding the important. Say no to the unimportant – your phone and email can wait! Multitasking disrupts the creative flow that comes with being in focus. Don’t multitask! Multitasking is the noise that gets in the way of you moving forward. Filter it out.
  • Keep your mind centered on the results you are trying to achieve. Having a picture of your goal on hand not only keeps you motivated but also helps you to concentrate as it reminds you of the outcome you seek. Take some time out to mediate. Meditation quiets the minds chatter and can help you tune into your productivity.
  • Set aside a chunk of time and commit to work on tasks related directly to your goal. Puttering and dabbling just steals your energy. Don’t waste your time and energy. The key is unwavering resolve and persistent effort. This will pay off big time!
  • Write things down. Create a plan to help you focus on what you need to work on. Prioritize and simplify your tasks into smaller chunks of doable work and stick to your plan. Seeing progress as you get your smaller tasks done will give you the motivation you need to keep moving forward.
  • Take a break and make sure to reward yourself for your progress. This will refresh You know it is time to stop and take a break when you find yourself getting distracted. Make time to recharge in order to refocus.

Some wise parting words from Alexander Graham Bell, someone who knew a thing or two about focus and success: “Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.”




Let your distractions blow away

And as the wind carries the seeds of the uncultivated away

The calm that remains

Opens the space

To focus on what needs to become clear

Blurring the lines of ambiguity

Absorbing the penetrating energy

Centred in the present task at hand

In full awareness of what needs to be created

The time

The space

Aligned perfectly to the

Closing symphony required

To perform in absolute focus

Tuned into the precise action demanded

Forcing you forward

As you continue centred

On what matters

Not squandering

The precious seeds of

What is possible

When you stay grounded

Up to the grand finale moment

Determined to finish

What you start


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