Fresh Start

Fresh Start

The concept of a fresh start really has two components to it. The first part is “fresh” implying a new, not stale approach, like getting a fresh start in the morning when travelling on a long journey.  The intent is that you will be rested and able to carry on and navigate the road with alertness and new gusto!

The second component to a fresh start is movement. We often embark on a fresh start because we are stuck or at a stand still.  Simply stated, a fresh start refers to starting over to reach a particular destination or to attempt to complete a longstanding niggley project or goal.

Wherever you are on your life journey – remember you can always make a fresh start. Each day we get the opportunity to start anew – so carpe diem! But before you get on the road travelling with gusto and alertness make sure you are prepared.  Get a good nights rest, stock up and just get moving!!

Fresh Start

Ready to make

A new renewed jump forward

Alert for what lies ahead

Ready to tackle

An old challenge

Cleaning the slate

Starting over again

After a botched attempt

Wiping up the mess

Picking up the pieces

Ready for a fresh start

Armed with renewed hope

Making tracks

Like fresh first steps

On newly fallen snow

Making tracks

Where there are none

Moving forward

Not looking back

Ready for a fresh start

Putting behind

The tired frustration

Leaving behind

The disillusions and nay Sayers

Bolding moving forward

Putting aside

The baggage collected

Moving forward

Into the

Crisp newness

Of another day

Holding another chance

To start again



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