It is that time of year when plans are made to gather. Family and friends from near and far get together to celebrate, to connect and to create new memories. We eagerly awake these moments. Favourite traditional dishes are prepared, meals are shared and stories are told. We gather to exchange stories, to get caught up with one another.

After the meal is done, the board games are won all that is left are new stories for us to reminisce on the next time we gather.  We unite to build and strengthen bonds that sustain us when we are away from each other.

Here are some reflections on gatherings:


We gather to come

Together here

Arriving home

To the place where

We are from

We assemble away

From somewhere else

Aligned in the light of day

Collecting what was left behind

Along the way

We congregate

To a place

Where we are

Part of something

No longer

Feeling scattered

In the gathering

Where we fit in

In the gathering

Where we feel united

Together here

Arriving home

To a place where

We belong


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