Healing the Soul

Walking along the shore on soft sand is therapeutic. You can feel the sun and the salt water and the warm sands restoring power.  Healing our soul is important in order to live a happy life full of compassion, love and peace.  When our soul is fragmented, we live in fear and anxiety. We are easily overwhelmed and distracted from our goals and purpose.

Take the time to build your soul.  Soul building is a quest. It requires pursuit and attentiveness. It is not something that just happens. However, it is not difficult to pursue. Here are some tips that support soul healing.

Tips on Healing the Soul

1. Spend time alone in nature. Connecting to nature cultivates spiritual wholeness. The sunrise in the horizon warms our soul and is a reminder to us of the days promise and possibilities.

2. Be in the moment – not the past, not the future – be in the here and now. The soul lives and speaks in the present moment.

3. Quiet the mind for at least 15 minutes a day. Build in time daily to create a space for silence. Meditation is a great technique to practice in the space of silence for quieting the mind chatter and also helps you to connect with your inner knowing.

4. Pray and connect to the Divine. This will benefit our spiritual practise and opens up the communication lines with the creator of the universe.

5. Learn or create something. Creative endeavours such as painting, photography, writing, reading and singing feed and nurture the soul.

6. Live in service of others. Do good. You can do this through volunteering at your local food bank, retirement homes, schools or libraries. Paying it forward aids the soul and can provide fulfillment.

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