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Slide4Navigating 2020

Apprehension, great expectations and promises dawned on our uncharted journey of this 20th year of the 3rd millennium. A fresh new decade, a coveted leap year with an extra day. How could we have known what awaited us?

In January, mentioning 2020 invoked impressions of perfection. With the first two digits matching the last two digits, 2020 foretold balance which had not occurred since 1919 and will not occur until 2121.

But 2020 challenged us to find balance navigating through a global pandemic. Isolation, uncertainty, and shifting times took us out of our social, economic and physical comfort zones. Our familiar life evaporated. We faced the interruption and disconnection of everything; ranging from the enormity of despair (not being able to say our last goodbyes and pay respect to the dying) to trivial things we took for granted (stopping at a local coffee shop to sit alone in a crowd for a cup of coffee). Our life erupted into silence and stillness. Empty roads, closed malls, and quiet skies became the new normal. Everything came to a standstill.

2020 also presented unexpected opportunities for reflection, and focus on an inward journey to find peace, consolation and strength. For me, 2020 provided time to recharge, find my inner balance and spend more time appreciating nature. Visiting cardinals, rabbits, dragonflies, even yellow and black butterflies made increasing appearances. Nature filled the void with spectacular sunsets to aid with coping. When the world plunged into self-isolation, nature came to the rescue, fueling my writing. It inspired me to create and express the hope and beauty taken for granted in the normal hustle and bustle of pre-non pandemic life.

My writing has been my companion in navigating through this uncharted journey. I have been voicing my emotions and illuminating my perceptions of my quarantine through poetry. In my daily practice of writing, fullness came along filling the emptiness (“nature abhors a vacuum”).

Through writing I can settle in, process the immensity taking place. It helps me gain comfort in new norms forming and contributes to a new sense of feeling connected beyond isolation, putting my mind at ease.


On Fire

I am on fire

With no time to burn

Ashes scattered around me

Remnants of gone days

Memories reminiscent in the flames

Start to fade

Outside the fire

Wisdom weeps

In the residue

Rising from the darkness



Step into calm

Take the time to find it

It is there, resting between breaths

Lingers in anticipation

Lures you

Nervous tension dissolves

Expels expired emptiness

Sails into stormy stillness

Sows seeds of restoration



Everything changes

Nothing ever stays the same

Days grace endures

Ushers us into what is upon us

Renders calm as we

Anticipate the storm of existence

New encounters on our journey

Clear the way for intercessions of

Endurance to persist beyond suffering into deliverance



Blooming buds

Lean towards the sun’s golden arms

Opening slowly

Secretly savour the sizzle

Stepping into oneness

With the sun

Making the day blossom

Settling In

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Settling In

After the coming and going is over and done with the only thing left to do is settle in! No more rushing about, no more looking for the next place to go, just staying put with where you are and where you have ended up! There is much to be said about hibernating and taking cover. It allows you to rest up for the journeys ahead, as it can help prepare you for the next batch of coming and going! I often wonder why humans don’t hibernate. Hiding away and sleeping through winter sounds very attractive!  But since we are not bears, we have to bear...

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Coming and Going

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Coming and Going

  Coming and Going The process of coming and going has always been a great fascination for me. No matter how I travel, whether it is by car, train, plane, boat or even on foot I notice that there are always other fellow travellers on the journey. I find myself wondering where are they all travelling to and where are they coming from. No matter what time of day, month or season, the ebb of people coming and going never stops. It is constant. “Coming” refers to what is pending, the future, what is next and what is happening soon, whereas...

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Healing the Soul

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Healing the Soul

Walking along the shore on soft sand is therapeutic. You can feel the sun and the salt water and the warm sands restoring power.  Healing our soul is important in order to live a happy life full of compassion, love and peace.  When our soul is fragmented, we live in fear and anxiety. We are easily overwhelmed and distracted from our goals and purpose. Take the time to build your soul.  Soul building is a quest. It requires pursuit and attentiveness. It is not something that just happens. However, it is not difficult to pursue. Here are some...

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Windows to the Heart

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Windows to the Heart

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul and the heart is the window to love and compassion. There is no doubt, a link between the heart and the soul. Following this through, it is logical to conclude that love and compassion have the power to open up your heart and your soul.  But what does it mean to have an open heart?  It means that you love unconditionally and attach no limits to giving and receiving love. It also means that you receive the experiences that life throws rather than resisting them. A favourite quote of mine from...

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Reflections on Life

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Reflections on Life

Watching the suns reflection on the water makes me feel like reflecting. There is something special about the shining symmetry shimmering across the water and on the sand. I can almost feel the bouncing light. If I stand in the spot where the light from the suns reflection reaches over the water and meets the sand I feel like I am directly connected to the sun! There is a connective power in reflection that can connect us to something brighter and bigger than ourselves. Reflection also calls to attention the difference between what is versus...

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Tips On How To Reflect:

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STEP1: Breathe. Take two or three nice long deep breathes to center and ground your self. Take in the air you breath, feel it as it fills your lungs with life supporting oxygen racing through your body. STEP 2: Maintain an open mindset. Empty your mind of the cluttered thoughts. Focus on what you are looking at and really see it versus the video that is playing in your head along with the chatter. STEP 3: Take it in fully with your eyes, ears and all your senses Pay attention to what you see. Look beyond the obvious and drill down into the...

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Conversations with Myself

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Conversations with Myself

I often have conversations with myself. It is the chit chatter that fills my brain with random thoughts, logical and linear at times, but also circular and nonsense nattering at other times. Sometimes the conversations are on hyper drive and I’d like nothing better than to be able to shut off the banter and have some peace and quiet. Conversations with myself can ensue due to a reaction to what I have seen or what others have said. They can be about ideas, facts or social interactions with others or in reaction to my processing my own...

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