Momentum – Keep on Moving!


A common challenge in fresh starts is maintaining momentum. Soon after the excitement of starting fresh comes the lull that if not addressed, could easily turn into stagnation. No one likes that feeling of being stuck. That is where gathering momentum comes in handy.  Just how do you get momentum? Think back to your high school formulas. When it comes to measuring movement you take into consideration both the speed and magnitude. () It’s about how fast you move and the extent or degree of how much effort or energy you put into it!

Once you start moving it’s easier to keep moving. When you wake up in the morning it takes time and maybe a couple of cups of java to get you in your groove. But to just get going is not enough. To have true momentum requires more than starting; it requires progression that moves you forward.

It is important to make sure that once you start moving forward your effort is steady and constant. The burst of energy that helps you get ahead in the short run can be short lived. It is not sustainable over the long haul.  Slow and steady wins the race! It is important to maintain a balance.  Maintaining constant effort and constant speed puts you in the flow and in touch with the force and effort required to concur your challenges.

I noticed that sometimes it is easier to find answers to challenges once you start moving. Being still and silent is important as it tunes you into your inner guidance system, but if you sit for too long this can actually cause stagnation and then the cobwebs will set in. There comes a time to move. In stepping into action, you can find yourself. It puts you in the space where there are more chances to encounter adventure and excitement.

So take a step and keep moving, who knows what is waiting around the corner!


Take a step

Go on

It is your life

Summoning you


Take a step

It is ok

Not to know

If the courage

And strength

Will stay

With you

On the journey

Take a step

Stay on the path

Tune in

To your life

It will guide

Your progress

Trust your journey

Take a step

In the direction of

The trajectory of your life

Take a step

Stay on the path

That calls

Awaiting you

Taking you places

Where the


Will be


Take a step

Your life’s path


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