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Susan Ksiezopolski is the founder of WriteWell, established to support organizations and individuals in creating a path to success and wellness by unleashing the power of writing. Susan believes that writing has the power to heal and that everyone can unleash that power through creative writing. Using writing to express our stories and life experiences  can be liberating.

“Writing is oxygen, let it fuel your self-expression.” – Susan Ksiezopolski

An award winning writer, she has published two poetry books “My Words, from my heart through my hands”, “Writing for Change” and a creative writing aid “The Writer’s Workbook, Free the Writer Within”. The focus of Susan’s writing is not solely for telling her own stories and for her own self-expression but to also help others to be inspired to tap into their writing voice and capture their stories. Her motto is “Everyone has a right to have their voice heard it they choose to use it, regardless of their circumstances”.

Susan is a member of the Canadian Authors Association, The Canadian League of Poets, The Ontario Poets Society and a graduate of the Humber School for Writers. She has been featured in, Canadian Immigrant magazine and numerous other on-line platforms.

Susan volunteers and is a lead facilitator with the Toronto Writers Collective, an organization that runs creative writing workshops  encouraging voice and illuminating undiscovered strength in Toronto’s most vulnerable communities.

In addition she has developed and runs her own creative writing workshops across the Greater Toronto Area, incorporating her training as a certified HeartMath ®  Building Personal Resilience coach into her work. Susan is currently working on her fourth book related to personal resilience.

Susan is also a Jack Canfield Success Principles Certified Trainer supporting individuals to maximize and achieve their full potential.

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Contact Susan at: info@mywordsnow.com

CREATE                                                            CONNECT                                               CHANGE

“Through our words we CREATE, through our words we CONNECT and through our words we CHANGE ourselves and our world” – Susan Ksiezopolski


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