Testimonials from previous workshop participants:[/box]

“I have never enjoyed a writing class as much. It was a leap into another world. Listening and sharing with the others is almost comforting and definitely encouraging. One dares to think that perhaps, just perhaps one is a writer.” Sybil Rampen, Founder & Owner Joshua Creek Heritage Arts Centre

“Great job Susan. You were very clear and organized. And I learned something about myself through the discussion on reading and writing poetry. Thanks!”

“Susan was informative and reassuring. Her ease of style, organizational structure and tips of the trade helped me to have the confidence to begin writing in different ways.”

“Very interesting twist on writing. I enjoyed it so much!”

“Susan’s writing workshops are presented very well and I enjoy the hands on experiential learning. It was interesting and fun.”

“Susan provided us with tips and tricks to being a writer all in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.”

“Deepest gratitude Susan for unlocking a new untapped channel. A wonderfully inspiring workshop.”

“Susan gave us great information which certainly motivated and inspired me with writing. It was an amazing workshop.”

“It was wonderful. Susan gave us the importance of using Art to stimulate creativity in writing. There was a lot of sharing. The experiences were so thought provoking that it continued throughout the class. My deepest gratitude Susan.”