“May your words give wings to your heart”   
-Margaret Howe-Bugera

“Susan has a wonderful sense of how words fit together to express feeling, mood and emotion.”  -Brenda Pellier

“I am very excited to support my friend and Canadian author/poet, Susan Ksiezopolski.  The richness of her work is most evident in personalization, which is woven into each word she writes.  It reach’s deeply into your soul and leaves a special signature. From the moment, I sat down in a quiet coffee shop overlooking a lake I could not put it down. I was deeply immersed.  I compare her poems these notable poets that have gone before us: Wordsworth, Longfellow, and Barrett Browning.  Her book “My Words” is assured to be a well-read classic.” -Vanessa Rose Rottner,

“Your poems are testimonial poetry. They speak to the souls from the soul. I kept thinking that this is Zen poetry. Fabulous. You have such a wonderful gift.” M.G.