Settling In

IMG_2442After the coming and going is over and done with the only thing left to do is settle in! No more rushing about, no more looking for the next place to go, just staying put with where you are and where you have ended up!

There is much to be said about hibernating and taking cover. It allows you to rest up for the journeys ahead, as it can help prepare you for the next batch of coming and going! I often wonder why humans don’t hibernate. Hiding away and sleeping through winter sounds very attractive!  But since we are not bears, we have to bear the winter and settle in. Here are two suggestions that we can do to help us snuggle in and get cozy with staying put.

First, identify your very own special “hibernation” spot. Get comfy and nuzzle into it.  Whether it is your favourite chair or sofa, make sure to let others know not to disturb your alone time.  Because you are alone, there is no need to dress up for the coming and going. The standard dress code is: pjs and soft unrestricting sweatpants  – or just curl up in a warm comforting blanket.  Ignore your phone – just turn on your answering machine. All the messages will wait for you. Don’t check your emails or get lost in surfing the Internet, as this won’t give you the quality down time to recharge! The phone, emails and Internet are important to keep us connected, but the purpose of hibernation is to dis-connect. Spend time in solitude and get in touch with your own needs.

Then, once you have found your comfy spot, snuggle in.  Park yourself and plan to spend some time in the company of YOU! It’s okay to take a time out. Pay no mind to the pile of laundry, the balancing of the chequebook, or whatever else might come up. Instead, reach for what nourishes you. Grab that book that you have been meaning to read and jump into it.  Find a movie that you have been meaning to watch or pick a timeless classic to re-watch.  Listen to the music to rejuvenate you! If you are feeling productive then take advantage of the quiet time to reflect.  Take stock of your accomplishments and the journey to date.  Re-evaluate your goals, scratch off ones that are no longer relevant and set new ones. Or just take a nap!



Settling in

Before the end comes

As the days get shorter

And the nights grow darker

Settling in

After the leaves are long gone

Having been cashed by the wind

Settling in

With ourselves

Paying tribute

Together with

The fleeting candle light

Compensating for the dwindling


We honour our departed souls

Who lost their fight

And have gone and embraced

The eternal night

Settling in

Getting comfortable

With our aloneness

No longer coming

No longer going

Just snuggling in

Oblivious to

Whether or not

The nights grow brighter

And the days get longer




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