The Comfort of Routine

As eventful as the holidays are and as much as we look forward to them, by the time the middle of January rolls around we gladly welcome and embrace the comfort of our usual daily activities that form part of our life’s routine.

We like, need and even start to crave routine when we don’t have it. This is because we gain comfort in the familiar. The usual goings-on provide us with a sense of grounding. The rhythm of predictability gives us the feeling of order and makes us feel in control.

There is, however, a tipping point associated with routine. As time goes on, day after day the predictability starts to become monotonous and boring.  There comes a point when it no longer provides us any comfort and we need a break from our routine.

Routine, like many other things in life, requires balance and exercising moderation. Too much routine is not good and neither is not having a routine.  A lack of routine can lead to a feeling of chaos, imbalance and also creates a sense of being unsettled.

We need both routine and randomness in order to live wholehearted lives. We need enough stretch and variety in our daily routine to create excitement and wonder. This keeps us in a state of surprise and not only enhances our life experiences but leads to self-growth. We also need enough continuity in our lives to create a feeling of safety, security and contentment. This comes from the familiarity of repetitive activities that have meaning for us.

I invite you to take a moment to reflect. Sit back and take a look at your current daily routines. Re-evaluate them with an eye to:

1. Keep the ones that are working and have purpose

2. Eliminate or reduce those that are not adding any value and are keeping you distracted from doing the things that are important to you

3. Create and make room for spontaneous random new activities

4. Be flexible with your routines

5. Make sure to hold sacred the ones related to self care


There is comfort in routine

As there is

Restlessness in randomness


Out of the routine

And into the randomness

Comfort can only be found

In letting go of awkwardness

Out of chaos

Into the order


Loose apprehension


Gain relief




Forget the routine

Accept what shows up

Be open

Show up and be present

Take comfort in waiting for

What is next


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